10 Kids Books Now Worth A Fortune

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Some of our best childhood memories involve getting tucked into bed, and being read some of our favorite stories: it was a bonding experience with our parents, as well as an opportunity to journey into the fantastic worlds created for us by incredibly talented authors. Picture books were often the first things we began collecting as kids (before we started developing unhealthy obsessions); it wasn’t unusual for someone to collect an entire series, and almost no Elementary School was complete without a backlog of Dr. Seuss titles. Who would have guessed that these cute stories from our youth would someday be worth enough money to pay for a vacation!?

Over the years some books have become harder to find than Waldo, and their increased rarity is driving up the price for parents wishing to share their favorite books with their kids; these popular tales used to be seen everywhere, but now they are hidden away at garage sales and in dusty attics. But what picture books from our childhood are worth the most moola today? Here are the top 10 children’s books that could pay for your college tuition (or at least the first semester). Check around your house and see if maybe you are one of the lucky few holding a 1st edition copy that could lead you to an early retirement!

#10 – Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel ($4,200)


Originally published in 1939, “Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel” tells all about a sparkling friendship between a steam shovel operator and his trusty tool: Mary Anne.

What makes Mike Mulligan so special is that its initial publication took place during the great depression, and since that period the original copies have tended to age quite poorly; it isn’t unusual to find copies as broken and decayed as the people who first read them, but there is more than a shiny nickel in it for you if you manage to locate a first edition copy.

Mike Mulligan’s original print is currently worth a whopping $4,200, which is enough to buy an actual steam shovel of your own; the rarity alone isn’t enough to drive up the price tag though, the book has been hailed as one of the top 100 children’s books of all time, and is still commonly used for educational purposes today. Mike Mulligan has become so popular that it has been adapted into an animated short film on HBO, in an attempt to keep a record of the slowly vanishing book (although I’ll be honest, I’d rather watch Breaking Bad).

#9 – Green Eggs and Ham ($4,800)


Green Eggs and Ham is a book that raised a generation of people, and taught them not to knock something until you try it; parents around the world praised Dr.

Seuss for finally having a way to get kids to eat their broccoli (or did you not put two and two together until now?). Green Eggs and Ham is one of the most popular Seuss books to ever be penned, second only to the incredibly monumental book “The Cat In The Hat;” it was published in 1960, and has been an educational staple ever since.

Locating a copy of the original Green Eggs and Ham will make you some pretty big green of your own, since the first edition is currently going for $4,800 in cold hard cash: whether it’s in a box or with a fox, finding a copy is sure to brighten your day! Perhaps the craziest fact about the incredibly popular book is that it was actually banned in China for 26 years because of its simplistic portrayal of Marxism (although we’re not sure if kids are walking away from green Eggs and ham learning economics).

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