10-Year-Old Boy Dies In His Sleep, Then Dad Turns The Empty Grave Plot Into Concrete Masterpiece

By caviar /

#1 Matthew Stanford Robinson

This grave has become a symbol of hope after 10 year old Matthew Stanford Robinson died in his sleep, and his father resurrected this statue.

#2 Rising From Wheelchair

The statue is of a boy rising from his wheelchair at the Salt Lake City Cemetery. “One day while driving around doing research at the Salt Lake City Cemetery, I spotted this beautiful headstone and memorial. It immediately brought tears to my eyes, and continues to every time I visit it. Never before had I come across such a touching statue that tells so much just at first glance.

This quickly became my favorite place to drive past in the cemetery, and I added it to the list of graves to visit on my Salt Lake City Cemetery Tour. It speaks volumes about how in this life we may have to suffer through hardships and trials, but when we pass to the other side, our spirits are free from those earthly disabilities.”

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