11 Ways To Make Sure You'll Be The Best She's Ever Had

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Men and women may think sex is just sex. Hence, after a couple of months or even years it can feel like you have done it all. You know exactly where to put a hand, rub a particular area and bam you are there. Although, the act of penetration is pretty much the same, there are ways you can spice up your sex life.

Yes, getting dressed up and role playing is fun. But if the moves are the same every single time you run the risk of making your sex life pretty vanilla flavour. The human body has erogenous zones that when stimulated takes sex to the next level.

Whether it’s touching, bitting, pulling, when done right, these moves will take the dullness out your sex life. Men may worry they are being disrespectful or too rough with their partner. As long as no one is actually getting physically or emotionally hurt, fun and erotic sex among consenting adults is always welcomed.

#1. Breasts are there for a reason, stop ignoring them!

Guys tend to think breasts are only there for foreplay and tend to forget about them during intercourse. Breasts are highly stimulated through touching and caressing. Lightly and we mean lightly bitting the nipples will help a woman reach a bigger orgasm. If she's on top of you, cup the breasts and tease them by circling around them with your fingers.

#2. Know where her G-spot is to help her reach orgasms of epic proportions.

The G-spot is the erogenous zone located two inches from the vaginal opening. The tissue in this area is highly sensitive causing high sexual pleasure when touched. Placing a couple of pillows under your partner's butt will elevate her body, making it easier for you to touch the much coveted G-spot.

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