13 Times Barack Obama Proved That He Is A Great Father

By dipper /
Being a parent of daughters is much difficult task than sons as there is a lot more responsibility and much concern for daughters. Yeah! They are of course Daddy's Lil girls. What if, when the job of being a father mixes with being a president? Well, the responsibilities go to at a higher level.

The perfect example of this is our 'Barack Obama.' Obama can be seen while spending much of time with his girls. He never misses a chance to be out with his girls.

Let's his pictures talk now. Be ready to see this side of Obama!

1. Barack Obama- the president, a husband and a dad of two daughters- Malia and Sasha.


Of course, being president of the United States makes him the busiest man but he definitely never forgets to take his fathering duties seriously.


2. He always brings his daughters to the pardoning of 'National
Thanksgiving Turkey'.


Obama even publicly thanked his daughters for joining him.

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