Bangladeshi Exposes His Disfigured Face 20 Years After Disastrous Tiger Attack

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If you would attempt to ask this Bangladesh-grown fisherfolk about his life story twenty years ago and how much it affected his current lifestyle, I bet you would end up crying and questioning the course of the grand design. If you come to think of it, Hashmot Ali from the southern portion of this Muslim-Buddhist-Hindu populated country is just a normal person who is pursuing ways for their survival--with honor and fairness.

But fate is not too friendly and compatible for him, at least because of what the universe did to his face. But seriously, it's a major life shift for them to think more complex for a steadfast recovery and to continue living. He was beaten by a tiger at his very vulnerable state, while he and his colleagues were sleeping in a boat steadily settling in a forest canal.

Such circumstance was a very difficult case to handle. After a long while, Hashmot was recovered physically, and he just recently showed to the world his new life stage. Well, there's more than that.

Let's see how he's going. Read ahead and immerse yourself in this roller-coaster experience.

Somewhere in the Sundarbans forest in Bangladesh, this tragic man-tiger fight happened


Hashmot was just very unfortunate to be the main target or prey of this either hungry or painfully playful tiger which habitat covers where they've settled for a definite period.


Tigers in Bangladesh are always feared


They attack people every now and then in peaceful villages near their territories. But we cannot blame the animal as it is the human population that is to be blamed.

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