Bus Driver Gets Fired For Writing An Honest Facebook Post About A Student —That Goes Viral

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Johnny Cook, a bus driver in Haralson County, Georgia, couldn’t believe it when a middle-schooler approached him and told him he was hungry. The reason? His lunch card was 40 cents short, so he didn’t get to eat lunch that day.



Cook had a brief conversation with the boy, and when he got back home he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Restless and frustrated, he took to Facebook to describe what happened:

A middle schooler got on my bus this evening and said, "Mr.Johnny, I'm hungry. I said, why are you hungry buddy? Didn’t you eat lunch ? He said, no sir I didn’t have any money on my account. I said they would let you charge it? No sir."

Huh! What! This child is already on reduced lunch and we can’t let him eat. Are you kidding me? I’m certian there was leftover food thrown away today. But kids were turned away because they didn’t have .40 on there account.
As a tax payer, I would much rather feed a child than throw it away. I would rather feed a child than to give food stamps to a crack head.


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