Can You Guess Their Age From The Back?

By shotput /


With their thick, glossy, tumbling manes these four women could so easily be in their 20s - from the back, that is.
Their real ages (from 45 to 54. Yes, really!) may surprise you — but the truth is, these days, it’s impossible to work out how old a woman is from behind.
Why? Because, regardless of age, our hair is collectively the longest it has been since the Seventies, and it’s not just the young women who aspire to girlish Kate Middleton-esque tresses, but 40-plus women, too.


Forget the sensible older lady haircut of yesteryear — today’s mature women want the swingy-haired locks of a twentysomething.
And with the advent of more effective shampoos and conditioners, not to mention extensions and thickeners, even those cursed with limp strands can get in on the act.

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