Escort Reveals All Of The Dirty Details And Secrets Of Working In The S*x Industry

By baggy /
It’s always interesting to hear stories from people who work in the sex industry, isn’t it? I mean, let’s face it…they definitely live different lives and have unique jobs from most of us. An Australian escort recently revealed all of the details and secrets about her life in the industry and they are definitely interesting!

She is 25 years old and wanted to go unnamed…but she is from Sydney Australia. As an escort, she revealed her pricy rates per hour and she definitely does not come cheap. She charges $550 the first hour and then for the second goes down to $500. One interesting thing she wanted people to know is that she never sleeps with Irish guys…so if you’re Irish, you are out of luck with this escort. She always says a big no to any incestuous role play requests…for obvious reasons…

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