Funny story: An Englishman and a Frenchman make a bet over who can have the most sex in one night

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Rivalries between countries can be a strong motivator to perform better and to try harder to beat your opponents; just look at sports! Sometimes this also transfers to the personal level, like in this story – and the result is hilarious.

Two friends, an Englishman and a Frenchman, are sitting in a bar and bragging about their prowess as lovers. Both consider themselves to be real studs and think that they could outperform the other when it comes to bedroom activities.

After half an hour of trying to outbrag each other, they decide to make it a competition where the goal is to have the most amount of sex in one night. They each go find a charming and willing lady, and then take a taxi to the same hotel where they each rent a separate room.

Before they part ways for the night, they decide to write their results on the blackboard in the hotel lobby.

The Englishman starts off strong, but gets exhausted after three rounds. He tiptoes down to the blackboard and chalks up three straight lines, and then returns to his room to sleep.

Early the next morning, the Englishman has just gotten down to the lobby.

Suddenly he sees the Frenchman walk down the stairs to the lobby on unsteady legs, gasping for breath. He walks up to the blackboard to write his result.

Upon seeing the Englishman’s three lines, the Frenchman says in a dismayed voice:

“One hundred and eleven! Sacrebleu! You beat me by four!”

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