Killer Clowns Ruin Halloween: Children Banned From Trick Or Treat For Their Own Safety

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#1 HORROR: The plague of killer clowns is forcing parents to keep their children indoors

Guardians are frightened youths will be assaulted.

They fear the fun dread night could bring about "savagery" as the jokester pranksters plan to bring about commotion.

The frightening rage hints at no halting, with powers dreading it could achieve a top in front of Halloween celebrations.

#2 DANGER: The clowns are a dangerous threat to society

Vigilante bunches have cautioned moms and fathers to bolt their children inside over feelings of trepidation of assaults.

Neighborhood watch style bunches, particularly set up to focus on the fake bazaar hazards, have been framed the nation over to guard kids.

Wounded One such gathering's Facebook page in Cornwall said: "Cautioning – jokesters are purportedly arranging their own cleanse the prior night Halloween.

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