Man Sticks A 1.6ft Long EEL Into His ANUS Believing It Could Treat His Constipation. He....

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When modern medicine fails to treat whatever ails us, we often turn to more traditional medicine, which may involve seeking the help of a professional medicinal herbalist. However, other people decide to take extreme measures and go at it on their own without getting any kind of advice from anyone else. This just so happens to be the story of a guy who was really constipated and decided that his only solution was to shaft himself with a 1.6 ft long eel, and it sounds absolutely painful and cringeworthy! But things didn't turn out the way he expected. In fact, things went a little "ca-ca" and not in the way he wanted.

Whenever we complain about an issue, people often say tough sh*t!

But in this case, a 49-year-old factory worker from southeast China was literally having, shall we say, a tough... time going to the bathroom.

Now most people would have paid to have a colon cleansing procedure.

But he decided to shove a half-a-meter long eel into his anus in the hopes of curing his constipation problems.

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