Mom Caught ABUSING Her Little Girl Because She Spoke To Her Father In School

By gatz /

Child abuse is a serious matter. When punishing a child, a parent should be rational. Physically abusing a son or daughter is never the right choice.

A video of a Texas native, Angela Armendariz, hitting her daughter has gone viral. According to the father, Angela hit her daughter as a way to get back at the father for visiting the daughter at school.

The video was so graphic that the police officer recommended the father not watch it. Ever since the video came into light, a warrant was issued for Angela's arrest.

Smart phones have recently grown as a necessity in our society.

Because they have cameras in them, they're convenient to have so people can record or capture things whenever they need to.

You'll never know who or what you'll witness.

One man, for example, sadly witnessed a child being abused by her mother in broad daylight and was able to capture it on his phone's camera.

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