Remember Michael Jackson’s Son? Here’s How He Looks Today

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We all remember Michael Jackson for the artistic mark he left on the world: His music, his dancing, and his overall presence will likely never be forgotten, even for generations to come. But what fewer people consider is the human mark he left on the world -- that is, his three children. Paris, Prince, and Blanket Jackson were all extremely close with their father, and after his death they had to turn to one another to lean on. The youngest, Blanket, hasn't always had it easy...but when you see how much he looks like his dad, you'll realize that this little boy must know his father's spirit lives on within him.
Find out what's been going on with Blanket (and the other two Jackson kids) since their dad's death seven years ago. They're doing a lot better than you'd think,and you may not be surprised to hear that young Blanket actually ended up changing his name to something less conspicuous.

Michael Jackson's son is getting older now, and people think he looks a lot like his father.

Blanker is 14 years old -- hard to believe, because it feels like just yesterday that he was a baby.



He spent part of his life on Neverland Ranch. This is Michael Jackson's infamous estate, and all of his family has stayed there at one point or another.


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