These are the 5 types of V*gina that you need to know about

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Unless you're a gynecologist, or a bikini waxer, you probably never realized that there are different types of vaginas. Yeah, until now we assumed there was only one, but a former waxer going by the name of Mel, has left the world wide web in shock after she identified a total of five different shapes of vaginas. Now that's mind blowing because most of us just assumed that vaginas were these neat little packages with all the pieces perfectly tucked in. But it turns out that there's more to vaginas than meets the eye. So here they are, courtesy of Mel, who's using an alias so that she doesn't embarrass the hell out of her clients, and then gets sued. Enjoy!

Getting any hair of your body waxed is a tough decision.

Especially if you decide to jump into it with one of the more painful procedures, like a Brazilian wax. But it's a decision most women don't wind up regretting.

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