Things You Probably Didn't Know About Donald Trump's Children

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Melania does not have nannies for Barron Trump.

Melania told People last year that she takes her role as Barron's mother very seriously-- which means no nannies for Barron.

In a 2015 interview with, Melania called taking care of Barron her "first job." She went on to explain that she does all the things a regular mom does, from packing his lunches, picking him up from school, helping with homework, and going to his basketball games.

Tiffany Trump is dating a Democrat.

Tiffany’s date to the RNC in Cleveland was her boyfriend, Ross Mechanic, whom she met at Penn.

According to the Daily Mail, Ross Mechanic, his father, Jonathan Mechanic, his mother, Wendy Levine, and his 25-year-old brother, Marc Mechanic, are all registered as Democrats.

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