This Is How To Pull Off Friends With BENEFITS the Right Way

By shower /

You may want to think twice before you engage in a Friends With Benefits arrangement. In theory, this may be the best scenario for someone who wants to be sexually active but has yet to find that special someone to settle with.

For one, you already know the person you will be sleeping with. There are no surprises in personality or question whether or not you like that individual. There is a comfort zone element as well. Before you decide to get into this type of agreement with someone you feel you can trust, consider a couple of things.

You are human and as such you are ruled by emotions. After a couple of encounters, it’s only natural to question whether or not your sexual escapade could turn into something deeper, more intimate. Here are some things to consider before you get into a friends with benefits relationship. It may not be as cool and fun as you believe it to be.

#1. You can like each other, lust each other, and even have a lot in common.

You both have to be in agreement with one another not to let your emotions get in the way or grow into love.

#2. You got into this with the understanding of not getting emotionally involved.

You have to be mature about this arrangement, you are not a romantic partner.

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