Top 10 Most Ridiculously Expensive Celebrity Weddings

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Little girls everywhere dream of having a luxurious wedding fit for a Princess; in a magnificent castle, at a breathtaking location, wearing a dress that would make even Cinderella envious. These little girls grow up into beautiful young women who plan beautiful weddings both large and small from destination ceremonies to simple backyard gatherings. To each their own during this very special time.

Fairy-tales have long told us that if we marry our true love, we will get our happily ever after. Millions of people around the world gathered around the television for Princess Diana’s and Prince Charles’ wedding, then again for Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton. Most of us love seeing when “dreams really do come true”. It give us hope that someday, we might get our happy ending too.

From bridal gowns, wedding cakes, flowers to venues, we’ve found 10 of the most luxurious weddings that set the bride and groom back more than $3 million each. With lavish amenities and exquisite ceremonies, here are the top 10 most ridiculously expensive celebrity weddings that we all wish we could have attended.

#10 – Paul McCartney and Heather Mills ($3.6 Million)



Paul McCartney is one of the most famous singers of all-time, with a name that will last for generations to come.

As a member of The Beatles, McCartney gained fame and fortune that had yet to be seen in the 60’s music industry. Heather Mills wasn’t nearly as famous despite her fair success as a model, skier and author. Mills had a tragic accident on the slopes in 1993 that cost her one of her leg’s.

Mills recovered well from the injury, meeting McCartney at an awards ceremony in 1999 (according to his recollection). The two were married in 2002 at an Indian-themed wedding held in Ireland. The couple racked up a $300,000 bill on flowers and fireworks alone, with their biggest expense being the castle rental. At a total cost of $3.6 million, McCartney’s and Mills’ wedding seems like such a waste, especially since their marriage only lasted six years. Turns out Mills was a total gold digger.

#9 – Elizabeth Taylor & Larry Fortensky ($4 Million)


Elizabeth Taylor was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood during the 1950’s, and received an Academy Award for “Butterfield 8”.

In a career that spanned more than 60 years, Taylor was married a total of seven times between 1950 and 1991. Larry Fortensky was construction worker when he and Taylor first me, and became her seventh and final husband. They made for an odd pair, but the two seemed to click, for awhile.

Taylor and Fortensky married at the famous Neverland Ranch, with Michael Jackson himself standing in as the father of the bride.

There were big names in attendance, including Eddie Murphy and first lady Nancy Reagan. When you have more than 150 people at your wedding, including many A-list celebrities, it’s going to cost you a lot of money. It’s assumed that Taylor paid for most of it. The couple sold their wedding photos to the paparazzi so they could donate the money to charity— so that was nice. This marriage was a bit shorter than the previous, lasting just five years, but is still Taylor’s third longest.

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