Triplets Competing Against Each Other In The Rio Olympics And It's Trippy

By larva /
There are various stories about the greatness of athletes competing in this time's Olympic events. But the story we've got will literally blow your mind.
30-year-old identical triplet sisters are competing for this year for the women's marathon event representing their country. The Luik sisters - Lily, Leila and Liina are from Estonia were stoked when they found out they would be representing their country for Olympics 2016, but what they didn't know is that the sisters would also be competing against each other.

It is the first time that a set of identical triplets compete in the Olympics so, people are definitely voting for their favorites. The Luik sisters have been a great motivation for each other since their early years. So, let's check out their story.

This trio is the first in the history of Olympics to be competing against each other.



In fact, they have started their training just six years ago.


When they were 24. Imagine the level of progress within 6 years time!

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