Tyga Replaced Kylie Jenner With A Girl Who Looks Like Her.

By semimajor /

In the last three years, Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been in an up-and-down roller coaster romance. They broke up several times, followed up by passionate reconciliations several times. This time, however, it looks like Tyga and Kylie's breakup might be serious. It wasn't long after the two separated, that new pictures came to light of Tyga with another woman. Not only was his arm around a woman other than Kylie, it was a woman that looks very much like her!

Read on below to find out more about this new mystery woman.

New Girl

Look out Kylie, there's a new girl in Tyga's heart. Photos have recently leaked of Tyga embracing a Kylie look-a-like shortly after their split.

Striking Similarities

Although she's clearly not Kylie Jenner, she definitely has a striking similarity to her. From her voluptuous curves to her short brunette hair to her big lipped pout -- it sure seems like Tyga has a type, doesn't he?

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