Wives CONFESS The Deepest Desires They Hid From Their Husband

By burritos /

The long-held belief that women are not really into sex to the same degree as men is just a myth. Let's just get it out in the open now, women crave and need sex just as their male counterparts. Being told for thousands of years that their bodies are meant only to reproduce not to mention all the taboos towards sexual behaviour, and let's not forget the slut-shaming that goes around, it should come as no surprise that women keep their desires in check.

Make no mistake, women want sex. They fantasize of places, people, and positions in the same healthy, horny way guys do. She may not be sharing these thoughts, but they are there.

Sometimes women don't want to go through the trouble of sex when they can satisfy themselves quietly in their beds.

Every woman has a fantasy of what their wedding night is going to be like. Unfortunately, it doesn't always live up to expectations.

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