World's Oldest Person Says He Wants To Die

By jumbo /

Do you know when you want to die? It is a question we have thought about at one point or another. Most of us want to be able to live a healthy life where we get to see our children grow into happy, thriving, and successful adults. Dreaming of meeting your future grandkids and possibly great-grandkids is not such a far fetched goal either. But what if you outlived your parents, siblings, spouse, and even your own kids, is life worth living?

The world's oldest man has his own take of when it's time to go.

Mbah Gotho celebrated his 146th birthday this past December.

Gotho's government identification card has him listed as being born on December 31,1870.

Indonesian records confirm his claim.

Gotho has not only outlived his 10 siblings, he also outlived his four wives, and own children.

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